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Monday, December 06, 2004

Aesthetics of Work Space

While I would love to get in to the argument on the virtues and vices of dating a younger man, I will let Halley pontificate and fight off all the other women out there who see nothing wrong with a little fair play.

On to other things...like aesthetics, which is not altogether off topic, mind you.

As the lone non-creative in a design firm, I am often reminded of how important office aesthetics are to creative staff (when I could write in a cardboard box and not care). Lots of thought is put in to our surroundings, albeit in the planning stages. We are even considering a change in scenery over the next couple of years - perhaps transitioning to a studio in the downtown core.

Why? It's the character of the downtown core - something northern TO lacks.

In any event, I've come across a few posts from designers out there thinking about the merits of a "funky" space and how it impacts creative levels, and articles from non-designers on how to attract and retain creative staff...

"Fresh, creative talent looks not only for job security and financial rewards, but also for the lifestyle support an innovative workspace provides. Companies planning to build or renovate office space must take into account the critical impact their facility design choices make on efforts to recruit and retain quality employees."

However, I seldom see other types of professionals blog about their surroundings, or assess the impact it has on their productivity. Is it just the creatives who want pin ball and punchy wallpaper, or do the rest of us think about what our work day would hold if we only had that leopard print chaise?

And for a little bit of inspiration ... COWS WITH GUNS ... via fishbucket
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