Special Report on climate change adaptation for the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

A Special Report on climate change adaptation for the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario was released today. We were delighted to be involved in the project, designing both the report and the posters for ECO.

ECO Adaptation Report

The following, taken from the ECO website, gives an outline of what Gord Miller, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario is responsible for:

“The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario is the province’s independent environmental watchdog. Appointed by the Legislative Assembly, the ECO is tasked with monitoring and reporting on compliance with the Environmental Bill of Rights, and the government’s success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in achieving greater energy conservation in Ontario.”

We’ve worked with ECO in the past, and they called us in to design the report which required sensitive treatment of a topic of significant importance.

The commissioner’s office, though independent and non-partisan, must play a political game to make sure it gets the most out of its opportunities to inform the public on how the provincial government is performing on environmental issues. There is a give and take in terms of when it is best to be critical of the ministries and when praise is appropriate.

The original report was a scathing 85 page illustration on how the province was largely negligent in their obligations to prepare infrastructure for the potential disruptions brought on by climate change. However, just prior to its release, the Ministry of the Environment proposed a plan which eased ECO concerns on future preparedness. With this new initiative, the commissioner’s office moved quickly to praise the strategy in a revised report, however the sudden shift left little time before the scheduled release.

With a pressing deadline, ECO handed the project to us to turn around. Always up to the challenge, we were all hands on deck to produce the report on time and on budget. We crafted an even-handed look that set the tone for Gord Miller’s thoughts on the new initiative. ePUB versions and posters compliment the release of the report. Download the report here.