Our campaign for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario launched this week!

This week we helped launch a new campaign for the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. HEQCO is third party education analytics organization in Toronto that works with higher education institutions, the government, and other stakeholders to improve higher education in Ontario.

The research initiative, called ‘The Graduating Student Survey on Learning and Work,’ is part of a provincial research study that includes online surveys of students and faculty at 14 Ontario postsecondary institutions.

HEQCO needed materials that would explain the initiative and promote it to graduating students. An online portal was designed (learnandwork.ca), along with a kit for each participating postsecondary institution which included posters, banners and print ads, in both English and French.

HEQCO project website and poster

Having worked on the pilot project, we understood that our greatest challenge in the design process would likely be the necessity to appeal to a very large group of stakeholders, including representatives from each participating postsecondary institution, as well as student body groups.

The client had previously requested that we directly participate in a series of conference calls with all representatives in order to get an idea of what was required for the creative – imagine 20 people trying to get across their own personal agendas! This proved to be less constructive than the client had hoped as too many voices meant little direction could be ascertained. We plugged away at the time, but the pilot proved to have been a good lesson in how to approach the launch of the campaign.

This time around, I suggested we bypass the conference calls and look to a smaller group of decision makers from which we would develop the direction and a brief. All representatives could approach the lead group, however, final decisions would come from this cohesive voice. This structure allowed an efficient process and more stakeholders seemed to be satisfied with the end result.

As we approached the launch date, all parties approved of the creative, and our client was very happy with final results. The campaign is ongoing and we hope to see some positive results emerging over the coming months!