Our Work With Essential Skills Ontario

This month Ricksticks collaborated with Essential Skills Ontario (ESO) to create a logo for their new initiative-Strengthening Rural Canada. ESO works all over Ontario to find practical and innovative ways to provide adults with the skills and education they need to thrive in our modern world.

The Strengthening Rural Canada initiative aims to provide a framework by which local community partners can come together to discuss, strategize and develop practical plans to help alleviate the problems caused by the migration of people away from rural areas in Canada.

ESO is launching this new initiative with equivalent partner organizations in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. These partners had an equal and fair voice in strategic decision-making, so it was important for the Ricksticks team to keep in mind that any designs would need consensus and approval from the various parties involved.

The logo needed to reflect the importance of rural and farming communities in Canada and the big role they play in the success of our nation.

The need to incorporate English and French in the logo was also discussed, as at least 3 rural francophone communities were being targeted.

Talk of having two separate logos (English and French) was discussed, but our design team made a strategic decision and advised our client to create one logo that incorporated both English and French. This would make future applications and use of the logo much more varied.

Initially, two bilingual logo concepts were sent to ESO. They conferred with their partners and recommendations were taken on board. Subtle changes in shape and type position were made to both concepts.

After consultations with the client and our design team, a concept that incorporated water (blue), prairies (yellow) and mountains (green) was unanimously approved by all decision-making groups.

Our team was able to work with ESO and leaders of the Strengthening Rural Canada initiative to come up with a memorable and meaningful logo that compliments their strategy and messaging.

The final product reflects the strength, environment and diversity of rural communities in Canada.






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