CASL and your newsletter-two things you must do

With CASL’s new regulations, two things that will be paramount to the survival and ongoing success of your company newsletter will be getting consent and keeping consent.

Get Consent

As outlined above, you must get explicit consent from your readers. You will want to make sure you add a CASL compliant consent form to the subscription links in your emails, newsletters, social media pages and website. You should clearly state the kinds of communication you will be sending out to your subscribers. Remember to make it equally easy to unsubscribe with a link to do so in every piece of communication.

Keep Consent

Getting consent from readers is one thing, but keeping them interested in what you have to say is another. Your reader base might shrink initially. Keeping your remaining readers engaged will be paramount. Knowing your audience and what types of articles they would find value in reading will be key. If your content doesn’t hold any real value for your readers you will lose them. You should focus on less selling and more articles where you establish yourself as an industry expert in your field.