Working With Those Who Give So Much To Our Communities

Radiant Star is a local grass roots community-based organization, which provides quality, affordable tutoring to middle school aged children. It was started by Cheyne Singh, one of Radiant Stars tutors, in 2011 in the St. James Town neighborhood of Toronto. St. James Town comprises of 18 high-rise apartment buildings housing 20,000 people within 13 hectares and is Canada’s most densely populated neighborhood. After Radiant Star’s first successful year, they were able to expand and offer services additionally to the nearby communities of Regent Park and Moss Park.

Radiant Star’s program requires students to attend 2-4 hours per week of tutoring sessions, where they are systematically guided through the curriculum set out by the Government of Ontario. The focus on developing the students problem solving and reasoning abilities has been key to their overall success.

As Radiant Star is now in the process of registering as a non-profit organization, they found the need to create an identity and a brand to help with fundraising, increasingly important. This crucial step was needed for them to achieve their long term goal of continuing to expand their network of tutors and in doing so, give more children the help they so desperately need. They came to us with the request of creating an annual report that outlined the work that they have been doing, highlighting the effectiveness of their tutors and presenting their financial information in a clean, professional manner.

Working within a very restricted budget, Ricksticks created a logo and annual report for Radiant Star that will be the first step in helping them build their identity.

After some research, our design team came up with a concept that incorporates six different figures into their logo. The logo reflects the community-based nature of the organization by showing children coming together to create the image of the brightest star – The Sun. The hues of yellow and orange lend themselves naturally to the concept.


For the annual report, it was important to present critical information clearly and professionally, and within context of the vital services they bring to some of the more vulnerable members of our communities. Images of the tutors, students and classrooms were included to help visually tell their story.


We’ve done our best to provide Radiant Star with better tools to go after funding that will help take their organization to the next level, allowing them to continue to reach their goal of giving students the opportunity to succeed and helping to transform Toronto one neighborhood at a time.