design + content clarity

Bringing forth innovation and critical thinking skills to develop your design solution.

Strategy development

At Ricksticks, client satisfaction continues to be our pinnacle focus. Understanding the ever-changing world of business and adapting to high standards of excellence, we build our list of services to accommodate the demands of doing business in today’s global market. Whether your need is rooted in corporate identity development, print collateral enhancement, or communications strategy, we give you direct solutions to increase brand equity and market presence.


  • Attendance & participation at brainstorming sessions
  • Deliver innovative design ideas which communicate with target markets on emotional level through such devices as theme, metaphor
  • Develop marketing strategies that tap into consumer insight
  • Strategies to include concept presentation, planning, special events
  • Design proposals provided Concept Development
  • Selecting, arranging, assembling visual elements
  • Design of comprehensive layouts
  • Proficiency in catalogue layout, magazine & editorial
  • Grass Roots & Buzz Marketing
  • Design of measurable promotional components that allows focused messages to be received by a target audience