design + content clarity

Your goals are our highest priority.

The success of your organization is important. Offered the opportunity to contribute to your success, we’ll endeavour to transform your ideas into tangible pieces of communicative work that delivers the right message, to the right people. Though we strive to develop new and exciting ideas, functionality is always considered in the process — your message could be lost if it is confounded by inappropriate design. The footprint of good design is longer lasting when it is appropriate for the audience, as opposed to when it follows the waves of trends. We'll take a genuine interest in you, your team, and your mission. We’ll listen. Your goals, your ambitions, and your challenges will be acknowledged. Here at Ricksticks, we strive to reach a common ground with our clients so that a natural working partnership may have fertile ground in which to grow.

Your project will be completed on time, on budget, and on point. When placed in the greater context of its value to the overall success of your organization, many factors figure into the success of your project. To ensure we’re on the path to a successful outcome, our project management approach relies on a frequent exchange of information and collaboration. Should the unexpected occur, and it often does, we’ll find ways to be resourceful in order to work around challenges that may otherwise stall the process, in order to maintain your deadlines. While we understand the fundamentals of marketing and information design, it is a given that you know your particular audience, and may know best how to communicate your message. With this in mind, we’ll take the time to explore key industry nuances, your constituents, target markets, stakeholder and current marketing strategies with you, encouraging an open dialogue throughout the entire design process.