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Here at Ricksticks, we like to believe that we carry out our work with a true concern for our place in the world. We always choose FSC printing processes. We recycle waste and participate in reducing our impact on the environment by partnering with Bullfrog Power, the green electricity provider. Bullfrog generators inject renewable electricity onto the local or regional grid equal to the power used in your home or business.

This desire to do well by our fellow global inhabitants not only galvanizes us toward sustainability and good stewardship, but also informs our choices in who we form business relationships. We do have a conscience when it comes to choosing out clients, but fortunately, we seem to attract the best clients ever. Still, we are active in seeking out environmentally and socially responsible organizations. Many of these non-profits come to us with great need and little budget. While we can't provide pro bono work for everyone we would like, we do our best to pitch in and help out where we can.

If you represent a non-profit and you have a project you'd like to propose to us, give us a call: 416-782-5319.